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The Winter Club Competition started again on September 18th 2021


The club normally runs two competitions during the year: a Summer competition and a Winter competition. The Winter 2021/2022 competition has started.

The provisional list of races for Winter 2021/2022 is here. As dates are firmed up the list will be updated. Members can request for races to be added to the list, see the rules on the right of this page.

Follow the link below for more details of the races:

Provisional Winter Competition Race List 2021/22

 For all club results see: Results Page

Current standings from the Winter 2021/22 competition after 12 races:

Harriers Virtual Time Trial League From December 1st 2020 to December 31st 2021

The club competitions were suspended because of the Pandemic, and a new internal competition, Harriers Virtual Time Trial League, the brainchild of Phil Dawson, started on December 1st 2020. Details below:

The competition started 1st December 2020 and will finish on the 31st December 2021. It consists of 5 routes (2 off road, 3 road) within a six mile radius of Congleton. Three will be familiar, two not so, but will be easy to follow (recce runs will be arranged).Two are classic 5k and 10k distances others are not. Detailed rules are attached, but simply put each route can be run twice and points will be awarded for PB's and for attempting to try to better a PB.

Covid Considerations (January 12th 2021):

 It is important that the club promotes safe running that is compliant with the rules and guidelines. At the moment we believe the competition can still continue but we need to make a few changes to stay within the guidelines:

  1. We will extend the end date of the TT competition until December 31st to allow for completion once restrictions ease.
  2. Given the current guidelines members should only run the TT routes that are local to where they live.
  3. If you live in Congleton the Horseshoe Hobble route (5.9 miles), Bosley Cloud (7 mile) route and the Astbury Mere 5k would be considered local.
  4. If you live near Sandbach and Holmes Chapel the Sandbach 10k route and Holmes Chapel 7.3 mile route will most likely will be local to you.
  5. Please, however, use common sense - if it’s not a run you regularly do and you have to make a significant car journey to reach the route, then it’s unlikely to be within the guidelines and you shouldn’t be running it. It will still be there once the situation eases.
  6. 3. The guidelines are continually evolving and given the latest news there may well be further restrictions. So we will keep things under review.
  7. 4. As restrictions are eased and it is permitted to travel outside your locality we'll inform you when all courses can be accessed. "

We know this will impact those club members who live further afield, but hopefully this won’t be for long.

To remind everyone, the current guidelines are....

  • Travelling: You must stay at home. If you do leave your home for a very limited set of exemptions (including exercise), you should stay local in the village, town, or part of the city where you live where possible.
  • Exercise: You may exercise on your own, with your household or support bubble, or with one person from another household (when on your own) Stay 2 metres apart from anyone not in your household or support bubble.

Scoring Points:

Your base PB will be the first time you run a course and will receive 3 points, next time you run it, if you beat your PB you get another 3 points, if not you get 1 point. You can run a course more than twice but only your PB and your next best time will qualify for points.

The points will form a League table which will be updated so you can chart your progress and at the end of the season the Male and Female champions will be declared ! There will be trophies for the winners and for 2nd and 3rd Male and Females. Prizes will also be awarded for the most improved PB's on each course in Male/Female categories i.e. 10 prizes.

So everyone young and old has a chance of bringing home a prize. At the sharp end it provides the chance for some serious competition and for the mere mortals of the club there's the chance to get out there and have a go but still with a chance of winning the league !  ?

Here is a link to the course routes :  TT Courses

The results so far are here

Please submit results (Name, route, date and time) to Dave Taylor via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or the website form on this page