Harriers FAQs




I’m interested in joining, what do I need to do?

Please see the New Members page, where you should find all the information that you need. If you have any further questions, then contact New Members secretary Stephen Canning at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When are subs due, and how do I pay?

Existing members will receive an e-mail from England Athletics at the start of April requesting Annual Subs payment, this e-mail contains a link so you can pay securely online.

For new members, payment is due by bank transfer, cheque or cash when you submit your membership form. On receipt of your form and payment you will be registered with England Athletics and receive your unique membership number.

Any existing members who need a reminder of their EA number, then please contact Paul Crean at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What are the guidelines for Club runs?

For the winter club runs, it is highly recommended that reflective or Hi-Viz clothing is worn.

Dogs are not permitted on official club runs for insurance reasons.

It is expected that all will be aware and considerate of their clubmates. If you need to or wish to cut short your run, then you must ensure others are aware of this to prevent any undue concern for your well-being. Likewise, you should not allow any individuals to be isolated at the back of the run against their wish.

Away runs and club socials, such as the Winter Warmers, are for paid up members only.

What are the Away Runs?

In the summer months, every few weeks the Tuesday run will be held from a different location, usually no more than 30 minutes from Congleton, to allow us to explore some new routes a little further from home. On these runs, there will be food arranged after the run at a local pub and this is partially subsidised by the Club.

The Away Runs are almost always off-road.

What are the guidelines for the races which the Club puts on?

We are only able to put on these races through the efforts of Club members and it is expected that all members who can help should do so.

Some participation in the races by Club members is allowed, but if you do this you would be expected to either arrange someone to marshal in your place or to help with the pre-or post-race organisation. Members in their first year can participate in club races.

What sort of races do Club members take part in?

Members of Congleton Harriers take part in a wide variety of races, ranging from local Parkruns to big city marathons both home and abroad. All types of races are covered too – from road, to trail, to cross-country and fell races.

If there’s a race that you have seen, it is highly likely that one of your Club mates will already have experience of it or will know something about it, so it is a good way to broaden your horizons and try something new.

Will I be expected to take part in every race?

While it is always great to see Congleton Harriers members taking part in races, there is no expectation or pressure that you must do so. Some club members enjoy racing every week, some prefer just to race now and then and some simply enjoy being members of a social and friendly running club. If you prefer not to take part in races, that’s fine.

What is expected though is that when you are taking part in a race, that you would wear your Congleton Harriers vest with pride. The only exception to this would be if you are doing a race for charity, and wish to wear the charity’s vest for that event.

Does the club compete in any race series or team competitions?

Throughout the winter season, the main focus of the Club is on Cross-Country competition.

We are members of the North Staffordshire Cross-Country League (NSCCL) and have Men’s and Ladies’ teams at all their fixtures – this is 3 or 4 Saturday afternoon races between September and December.

After Christmas, we then take part in the Cheshire County Championships, the North of England Championships, and the National Championships. These are great events and are open to all.

To encourage participation in the above events, entry fees for these races are paid by the Club.

In addition, as a Club we have also taken part in the National Fell Relay Championships and some Road relay events.

Another race series which Club members take part in is the Staffordshire Moorlands Summer Series. This is a series of up to 10 off road races taking place on Thursday evenings in the summer months, organised by the Staffordshire Moorlands club. Entry for these races is down to the individual however and is not paid by the club.

What training does the club offer?

The main training session which the Club offer is the Thursday night interval training sessions. These sessions, which alternate weekly between speed drills and hill repetitions, combine short high intensity efforts with periods of recovery and are focussed on improving performance.

The Tuesday night runs can also provide useful training – these are the longest of the three weekly club runs, and can be great training in building up speed and endurance.

For new runners and potential members, the shorter Monday runs are a great starting point.

While within the club we do not have formal coaches, there are many members with a wealth of running experience who will be more than happy to help with advice and guidance.

What are the Club Handicap races?

These are races where based on past performances, each runner is given a time Handicap. This is how long after the first runner they start the race – so the faster runners would not start the race until sometime after the less fast runners, with the idea being that everyone has an equal chance of winning and members of all standards can race against each other.

The Club puts on three Handicap races throughout the year – Summer and Winter Cloud Handicaps, using the normal route up the Cloud from the Leisure Centre, and the “Horseshoe Hobble” which is a road race of approximately 10k from the Horseshoe Inn at Astbury.