Club Runs:


Thursday night Interval Training from Congleton Leisure Centre, meeting normally at 7pm throughout the year.


Currently Suspended!!

On Thursday evenings throughout the year the runs are focused on speed and stamina training.


5th Type: Flat - Locations: Riverdane rd (bottom of Eaton bank) - Notes: Two person team shuttle runs. x100m x200m x 300m (3 pyramids).

12th Type: Hills - Location St Rd - NotesTom’s Kenyan Hills! Run at a solid steady pace.

Turn immediately at the top and run down the hill with a long relaxed stride, then turn and repeat without resting.

Continue for ten minutes trying to keep as consistent a pace as possible for the uphill and downhill parts.

After ten minutes rest for 3 minutes or until you are completely rested.

Repeat x 2 or 3 sets of ten minutes.

19th - Type: Flat - Location: Solly present - Notes: Slow, medium , fast , 2 min recovery repeat 4. X3 (12 laps).

26th Type: Hils/ Steps - Location: Hill Fields or off St Road (Need to recky Hill Fields) - Notes: Steps challenge circuits.


2nd Type: Flat - Location: Biddulph Valley way - Notes:  circuits down track around near railway bridge.

9th - Type: Hills- Location: Congleton Park - Notes: Circuits through the woods.

16th - Type: Flat - Location: Asbury Mere - Notes: Caterpillar warm up lap, 1 min effort, 90 recovery, 

repeat with each recovery getting 10 seconds shorter, until you reach 30 seconds recovery,

Do 3 x 1 min effort, 30 seconds recovery.